Each day most of us are greeted with "Hi, how are you?", "How is your day going?" etc...etc. And each time we may answer, "I'm great?" or "Everything is going well today." Do you ever want to just tell the TRUTH? Do you want to say, I feel terrible, my back hurts and I really don't want to be here." or "Last night I caught my wife in bed with someone else." Or perhaps even, "Why are you asking me how I'm doing? You know you really don't care." Writer Khalil Gibran said "Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness." But sometimes our truth isn't a happy truth and yet we pretend to be content and share our lie. Why are we sharing these lies? A good friend said to me, "All of us are insecure about something, but the truth is...most of us are too insecure about our insecurity to say what our insecurity is." So....we keep telling ourselves and others that..."Everything is good".

The Ugly Truth

Would you still like her

If you knew her ugly truth

A life of thrift store bargains

And bottom of the barrel fruit

Almost expired meat,

Running off without paying for gas

Taking tissue from the workplace

Just to wipe her ass

Robbing Jimmy just to pay John

Tryin to stay ahead of the race

All of this while managing

To keep a smile on her face

I doubt you would befriend her

If you knew her ugly truth

A drug addicted sister

A thieving father too

A brother who craved to take her

Where siblings should never go

A mother that kept a blinded eye

And pretended not to know

I hope you can try to love her

once you know her ugly truth

It can be a cold and lonely place out there

When all you have is you

So when you see her head bowed,

And happiness her pursuit


Her circumstances do not define her

They are just her ugly truths