I once read "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize that they were the big things."

The first man to bring me a bouquet of flowers was about three feet tall and called me mommy. Of course he wasn't a man at the time, he was only about five years old. But I was so touched that this baby saw something that he thought was beautiful and decided that I was special enough to give them to.

Now these were not roses, lilies or sunflowers...These were the little yellow dandelion flowers, described as weeds by most. I laugh each time I think about his little hands hidden behind his back. He ran into the kitchen where I was preparing a meal and said, "I have something for you." As I turned, I saw a big smile on his face as he yelled "Surprise!" He handed me a fist full of those little yellow flowers.

"Awe, thank you sweetie. These are so pretty." I proudly grabbed a small glass, put them in water and watched him run back outside to play.

I think about that day sometime as I watch him now 19 years later. He's a man now and still surprises me with the little things that he knows I love like, fruit flavored sodas, a bag of Funyons, a cup of coffee after he has made a morning run for breakfast. He even gives me my favorite flavor of candy when he has a bag of jolly ranchers.

I find joy in those seemingly small things because when you really think about it, when someone pays attention to the things you enjoy in really isn't a small thing at all. So today I pray you find comfort and happiness in the small things in life because you'll find that those are the ones that take up the most room in your heart.